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The Fastest Route to Hair Growth:

The Fastest Route to Hair Growth:

No matter who you are, you've probably wanted super long hair at one point. The famous bra strap length has been a goal of many but only achieved by a few. 

Unfortunately, there is no overnight hair growth potion. But there are ways to speed up hair growth and increase length retention that are healthy and make sense. 

Normally, your hair grows about half an inch every month if your hair is healthy. 

Here are some tips to grow and maintain healthy hair so you can grow your hair faster: 

1. Trim your ends when needed:

I know it's natural to hold on to the length you do have, but the faster you let go of split ends and damaged hair the faster your new healthy hair will grow.

Split ends are not your friend. Split ends cause dryness, prevent hair from growing past a certain point, and make your hair frizzy.

Trim your hair WHENEVER you notice split ends. That may be once a month or every 3 months.

2. Detangle carefully:

How you detangle your hair actually plays a huge role with length retention and hair growth.

If you're too rough you can cause split ends and break your hair off. If your hair is thick it's best to detangle in sections and take your time. 

In my experience, rushing to do my hair only leads to... you guessed it BREAKAGE!

3. Scalp Health: 

Neglecting your scalp is a sure way to slow down your hair growth process. 

All it takes is an extra 5 minutes to massage your scalp to increase blood flow, prevent dryness and flakes, and nourish your hair shafts.

I personally love Kapri's multipurpose oil blend for scalp massages because of the ingredients! Some of the main ingredients are castor oil which is an anti-fungal and antibacterial oil. Castor oil also helps fight scalp infections. 

Another great ingredient in our oil is avocado oil which is one of the few oils that actually penetrate the hair shaft. 

4. Better nutrition: 

I believe your hair is sorta like a reflection of how you treat yourself. For example, when I eat fast food too frequently my face breaks out. My outside features are affected by what I consume. 

Dry hair, brittle hair, and breakage can all come from a poor diet. And I'm not saying to completely stop eating fast food (unless you want). I'm saying to incorporate MORE of the nutrient rich foods. 

Protein is key. This can be meat, fish, eggs, nuts, beans, shrimp, etc. 

Food with vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin C. 

Zinc, Iron, Biotin, Omega-3 fatty acids are all vitamins you can take if it's hard to get them through food. 

Kapri has a super affordable e-book with a detailed break down of what food to eat and even recipes at the end! 


Healthy hair grows faster. Sometimes you can be slowing down your own hair growth and not even know it! Do a review of your hair regimen and diet and see what changes you can make to speed up this process. 

If after making the necessary changes you still feel like your hair isn't growing, this could be the symptom of an underlying problem. In this case, seek medical advice from a healthcare professional. 

Be sure to grab Kapri's styling bundle to keep your hair hydrated and strong after you wash it. See you soon!